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I realize when you saw metal detecting during the winter months in the title of this post you figured I had lost my marbles, but no, they are still intact.  Besides, if I do lose them, I'll make sure they are steelies so I can find them with my metal detector.    Here in the […]


When my readers see the title of this post their first thought will be that I have been digging holes in the ground for way to long and have lost a few marbles in them.  I have been digging holes for a long time, probably lost a few marbles along the way, but there is […]


When I was a kid I was fascinated by trains and railroad tracks. Not realizing the obvious hazards at the time, I would grab hold and climb into one of the boxcars while it was going slowly through town. I was probably about 10 or 12 years old at the time. I would ride to […]


Sorry I haven’t posted in two weeks; things have been hectic for the last little while. Saturday, July 18, a treasure hunting friend and I joined forces to look for a cache. What we thought was credible information turned into a wild goose chase, but that isn’t why I am writing this post. Incidentally, I […]


As some of you metal detecting gurus that visit my blog already know, coins constantly shift in the ground. Over time, a coin that is buried on edge can shift a quarter turn allowing a larger surface area for your metal detector to find. In areas of high foot traffic or areas along roads that […]