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Fellow Idaho Treasure Hunter member, Brett, brought me one of his latest finds while metal detecting in a Boise park and I thought the item was unique enough to be worthy of a post.  Brett found it with his 25+ year old Bounty Hunter detector, and it sang like a bird when he swung over […]


The wife of one my friends (Brett) who is a fellow Idaho Treasure Hunters member, owns a daycare in Boise.  I was at the daycare a few months ago doing some repair work and Brett told me to bring my metal detector along because the property was a military barracks once many, many moons ago. […]


Brett, Dave and I, from Idaho Treasure Hunters, came upon an old concrete structure while metal detecting deep in Rocky Canyon outside of Boise.  The weather had just warmed up enough to do some searching in the hills, and we were anxious to give it a go as the first official hunt of the 2010  […]


The temperature was in the 90’s, but I was determined to get out and play in the dirt because circumstances had kept me away for almost two months! I decided on an old abandoned house that was built sometime between 1895-1910 that had many large shade trees figuring it would keep me cooler while I […]


I had been searching Lakeview Park in Nampa, Idaho for several hours with limited success when I decided to try the vacant house that I owned across the street from the park. I found this hunk of lead about six inches down with my White's DFX metal detector in the backyard of the house that […]