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Our treasure hunting trip a few weeks ago got rained out. There were flash flood warnings for our location, and we would no sooner get started for the day and a storm would come in. The creek that I usually cross to get to my search area which is usually only calf deep was now […]


I have received a few emails asking why I haven’t divulged the location where I believe David Levy buried his cache and who shared the information with me about it’s recovery . If you missed the original story you can read it here: David Levy Treasure. I thought it best to post my reasons to […]


When I first moved to Meridian, Idaho in 1997 I was fascinated by all the treasure stories in and around the Boise, area. The story of David Levy really caught my attention. In case you haven’t heard the story I will share the key points with you. David Levy was a gold prospector who owned […]