Yes, I have been bad.  I haven't posted in over a month.  Too many irons in the fire, I guess.  I have plenty of material for posting, especially in the "Idaho Historical Markers" series.  My goal was to post little tidbits about historical sites in Idaho once or twice a week, but that hasn't happened lately.


Part of the reason I have neglected my posts is because I started a traffic exchange.  What is a traffic exchange?  It is a site where you can sign up for free and list websites you would like to promote and banners as well.  The sites you promote will be viewed by thousands of people around the world who like you, also want their sites to be viewed.  Although the site is free, those who don't have the time to surf can upgrade their accounts to one of the "pro" levels for a small monthly fee.  On occasion, you can win cash by surfing my traffic exchange, and you are paid cash for referrals that you send to the exchange that activate their accounts.  Currently, through networking with other traffic exchanges, your sites can be viewed by over 80,000 people!  That is a lot of traffic!


If you would like more information about my traffic exchange send me an email.  This is a treasure hunting site, so I won't spend the time with all the details here.  However, if you would like to visit the site or sign up, go to Songman Hits for info.  If you sign up, add -ITH to your user name so I know that you came from Idaho Treasure Hunters and I will add an additional 500 credits to your account to promote your websites.


I will try and throw in a post related to Idaho Treasure Hunters on Monday, so stay tuned!  Happy Holidays to all!