I found this story and just had to post it here in hopes that everyone who reads it will get a good laugh and have a brighter day because of it.  I know it really made my day.  

metal detect propertyThe story goes as follows: There's a lovely story (most likely apocryphal) about two London cockney treasure hunters, let's call 'em Bill and Charlie, who ventured into the grounds of one of England's more splendid Georgian country mansions, in the vain hope of gaining permission to hunt, while trying to project a good image for themselves, and the hobby.


Finding themselves on the manicured front lawn of the stately house, were immediately seized upon by a small terrier dog making several attacking and yapping passes at their trouser legs.  Amidst the commotion, an upstairs window opened.  It was the lady of the house, inquiring as to their business.


"We would like," yap, yap, yap, grrrr… "to ask your permission to treas…" grrr, yap, yap, yap, grrr…. "geroff you little basta….." grrrrrr. "Oh, don't mind him," shouts Milady, "He's just being playful.  Kick his balls." "Eh? Eh? Kick his whats?"  Bill asks Charlie. "You 'eard 'er," says Charlie. And so he did.  As the terrier limped off the lawn, eyes watering and with a seriously troubled gait, Milady shouts down, "No, no, no!  His balls.  Over there!  On The grass behind you!" They didn't get to hunt……. (If you like the story make sure you comment.  I am anxious to hear what you have to say…….)  :)