Location of Idaho historical marker:  Idaho 11 – Milepost 27.5


Charged with hacking a prominent local merchant to pieces, five Chinese were hanged here by vigilantes September 18, 1885.

Chinese Hanging Tree

They were just setting out on a long, hard 240-mile trip from Pierce to face trial at the county seat in Murray when the vigilantes struck.  A large group of armed, masked men forced the deputy sheriff and his posse to give up the Chinese prisoners and to return to Pierce.  A marked trail leads 365 feet from here to the site of the Chinese hanging tree.


An investigation occurred the following year by request of the governer, which quickly concluded that the Chinese were the guilty parties.  No one was ever charged with murdering the Chinese.


GPS:  46° 28' 20.43" N, 115° 49' 04.91" W

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