The wife of one my friends (Brett) who is a fellow Idaho Treasure Hunters member, owns a daycare in Boise.  I was at the daycare a few months ago doing some repair work and Brett told me to bring my metal detector along because the property was a military barracks once many, many moons ago.  :)  I had a really busy schedule that day so I started at one end of the property and only finished half of the front before I had to leave.  My heart wasn’t in it as much as it should have been because of all the things I needed to do.  I found some coins, and small tool items, but nothing significant or related to the age of the property.

About a month later Brett bought an old White’s Coinmaster 5500 for $10 at Deseret Industries, one of the many local thrift stores.  It needed a battery pack and the plastic guard was missing off of the meter so I built a battery pack for him and cut and made a cover out of some acrylic I had laying around in my shop.  This is the same model of metal detector that I had back in the 1980’s that found a quart jar full of silver coins with dates ranging from the 1890’s to the 1920’s.  It was a great detector for it’s time.

I was over visiting Brett today and he showed me this great find from the other side of the daycare (that I hadn’t searched yet) with this “new” detector.  If I had not had prior commitments I would have been there all day and found it myself.  It was buried under just a few inches of dirt!  I thought it was a cool enough find to pass along to this blogs viewers and subscribers.

If anyone has a find from here in Idaho and would like to share it, send me an email with the story of where it was found, what you found it with, and a little about yourself, etc., and of course a picture of the find and I will post it here.

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