If you would like to get two (2) E-Books this month without waiting until the end of the month, then read further……..

So far this month we have had around thirty (30) people enter daily in our monthly drawing to win two (2) metal detecting and treasure hunting E-Books, and about ten (10) are consistently looking for and finding the $20 gold coin hidden in Sheilas Info Pages.

Here is what you have to do to instantly get the two (2) E-Books of your choice.  The first ten (10) people who find the E-Book image pictured here within the Sheilas Info Pages site will get two (2) metal detecting or treasure hunting related E-Books of their choice.  Just click on the link to Sheilas Info Pages to get started.  Click on the image when you find it and you will be directed to the contact form.  Enter your name, City, and State, and in the “Please Enter Coin Location” box tell me where you found the book and you win INSTANTLY!  In the comment section tell me what prizes you want and I will get them to you.  For a list of the prizes you can choose from, click here.

Remember, this is only for the first ten (10) people who find the hidden E-Book.  Once the ten is reached I will post to let you know that the contest is over.  If this is successful, I will run it again next month, and so forth.