Brett, Dave and I, from Idaho Treasure Hunters, came upon an old concrete structure while metal detecting deep in Rocky Canyon outside of Boise.  The weather had just warmed up enough to do some searching in the hills, and we were anxious to give it a go as the first officConcrete Cabinial hunt of the 2010  season.  The structure is not very big; maybe eight feet square, with about half of it buried in the hillside.  The roof is rounded with a square hole cut in it near the back probably for a chimney.  Pieces of steel reinforcement is also visible in parts of the ceiling.  The left side of the structure is caved in and there is a round metal pipe in the rubble.  The building isn’t too far from a stream, so possibly it is an old miner’s cabin.  One could only imagine how difficult it must have been bringing in all that concrete, but why build in concrete when there is plenty of trees in the area to build a cabin?

We fired up our Antique Brass Padlockmetal detectors and searched around it briefly finding mostly small pieces of metal and what looks like to be part of a wheel.  A great find by yours truly is the old brass padlock.  I do not know the manufacturer.  My wife spent several hours on the net and finally found one exactly like it for sale, but the owner has no idea on the manufacturer either.

If anyone has any information on the padlock or the concrete structure leave a comment.