Spring is fast approaching and I am itching to get back out on the trail with my metal detector to get some exercise, stir up some dirt, and hopefully bag some nice treasures this year. One of the treasure stories I have been researching for quite some time takes place in the 1860’s, where an emigrant wagon train bound for Oregon took the cut-off trail west of Boise. They were attacked by Indians and all but two members of the wagon train were massacred. The two men who survived the massacre took $80,000 packed on mules and headed toward Rocky Canyon. The Indians pursued and killed them taking the $80,000.

The story goes that the Indians buried the loot in two separate caches somewhere in the Rocky Canyon area. Around 1900 a younger Indian recovered one of the caches by following a map drawn by the leader of the Indians involved in the massacre. However, he was unable to find the other cache.

After much research, I have narrowed the area to about one square mile, which will require a lot of man-hours, some guess work, and a lot of patience. When a cache is buried it is usually near a landmark of some sort such as trees, rock formations, water, etc., since the whole point is to be able to find it again, so I hope to greatly narrow the search on my arrival to the area.

I took a hike last week near the location and at this point the area is still covered in snow, and the ground is hard, but rest assured that as soon as mother nature cooperates I will be hot on the trail. Unless we get another big hit of snow the area should be search able in about three weeks. I will take one or two of the local members of Idaho Treasure Hunters with me to help in the search, and split the findings, if any, evenly with those involved.

I hope to take plenty of pictures and video of the outing so stay posted.

If you would like to read about the David Levy cache that was also buried in Rocky Canyon go to: David Levy And His Buried Treasure In Rocky Canyon and Lost Treasure In Idaho – David Levy Cache, Part III.