I am always scouring the Internet for new products that would make a nice addition to the libray of a metal detecting and treasure hunting enthusiast, and I believe I found a great one in American Civil War maps and American Civil War photographs.

The American Civil War Maps collection contain 190 Full Color Battlefield maps, over 70 Google Earth overlays, over 500 Google Earth Placemarks, full Civil War Campaign listings, battles by State and date listings, and last but not least; Wikipedia links to all the Battles.

The American Civil War Photographs collection contain over 2,000 archive photographs, over 500 Google Earth Placemarks, over 180 modern photographs, and key Civil War era documents.

The description really doesn’t do them justice; what these collections contain is phenonemal and you can get them for free if you enter and win in our monthly drawing.  If you would like to see samples, or perhaps purchase these very economical collections, click here.  There is even a teacher’s pack that I will put in the prize pool containing lesson plans, teacher guides, and more!

More posts to come in the near future.  Keep entering daily in our monthly drawing and don’t forget to search for the gold coin.  Several have found it this month which is really keeping me hopping moving it around!