Our treasure hunting trip a few weeks ago got rained out. There were flash flood warnings for our location, and we would no sooner get started for the day and a storm would come in. The creek that I usually cross to get to my search area which is usually only calf deep was now a raging stream with waste-high water and rapids. I will wait until late summer and give it another try.

As promised earlier, I am giving up the location where David Levy’s cache was located. If you haven’t read my other posting regarding his cache just use the search bar above and type in “David Levy.”

The easiest route to the location is traveling out Shaw Mountain Road (through Rocky Canyon) to the trail head of Five Mile Creek. This is quite the popular trail and have seen many travel it on foot and by bike. Not far from the start of the trail is a bench placed in the memory of Shawn T. Halcom who was murdered and left there at a campsite next to the trail in 2007. Behind the bench and to the left is a small trail that cuts through the brush and crosses the creek. On the other side of the creek you will see a group of trees at the top of the hill. About two thirds of the way up the hill you will see a larger tree with a smaller one next to it. Pass that tree and head up to where the hill flattens at the next group of trees. It was this flat area that my son and I found three impressions in the ground where something had been previously removed. After searching the entire area for several hours we found a few very old saddle buckles which goes along with the story of David Levy’s cache. As written previously, the location matched up to what the finder of the cache had told my source. The picture on the right of the trees was taken from the trail because it offered the best view of the location.

When we went this time to take the pictures of the site the grass was high so the impressions in the ground are hard to locate. Best to look in August when the grass has died off from lack of rain. Don’t waste your time searching the area; I covered every inch with my White’s DFX machine and Big Foot search coil. The person who found the cache was very thorough and didn’t miss a thing.

Oh, and for you techies out there the coordinates according to my GPSmap 60CS are: N 43′ 37.975, W 116′ 06.378.