I had been searching Lakeview Park in Nampa, Idaho for several hours with limited success when I decided to try the vacant house that I owned across the street from the park. I found this hunk of lead about six inches down with my White's DFX metal detector in the backyard of the house that was built in 1947. This house had been built by Ernie Star, one-time mayor of Nampa. bunker hill Stamped on the top of the piece is "BUNKER HILL PAT'D" in capital letters. It weighs almost 7 pounds. It is approximately 1.5" tall, 2" across at the top, and 2.75" at the base. It also has a hole .5" in diameter going all the way through the center of it. Obviously not a valuable find, (what does lead go for nowadays?) but an interesting one. You can click on the picture to enlarge it. If anyone can offer some information regarding Bunker Hill Lead it would be appreciated. Just leave a comment.