I am no amateur when it comes to research, but the following story which took place in the Boise county area has me baffled. I have been unable to find any information whatsoever to back up the story so thought I would post it here in hopes that someone may have an interest in pursuing this endeavor with me. This story is taken from "A Guide To Treasure In Idaho" by H. Glenn Carson. He published this and many other books about treasure hunting and metal detecting but his writing style leaves a little to be desired with poor punctuation, run-on sentences and spelling. As long as you can get past the grammatical errors the information in the book is interesting. Many of his books are included in the drawing I am holding this month. Here is the story exactly as written: "Straight north from today's Arrowrock Dam three outlaws held up a stagecoach. Not an unusual event in those rowdy days, but they took $90,000 in gold coins and road safely away. This took place close to where Grimes and Moore creek come together. The stage guard was angry and unable to let the matter drop. He hurried up and over a ridge, knowing the trail they took doubled back that way. He hoped to ambush them. Sure enough, he got to a point above the trail before they arrived, and he shot the three of them before they could shoot back. The $90,000 in gold coins was not on the bodies. Somewhere, in a very short distance from the site of the robbery (near the stream confluence, where the trail loops back to a point just across the ridge from the holdup site) the robbers buried their loot. The stage guard could not find it. Law authorities failed to find it. Many others have looked and failed to find it." I did look at an aerial photograph of the area, and where the two creeks meet at Idaho 21 and Centerville road is directly north from Arrowrock Dam. Other than that I cannot verify any of the information. If anyone has anything to share about this story please comment, and don't forget to enter the drawing to win two books this month.