I appreciate those who have entered the drawing to win the ebook, "The Successful Treasure Hunter's Secret Manual – Discovering Treasure Auras In The Digital Age." Don't forget you can enter once a day. There are only nine entrants who have only entered one time so far which means there is a 1 in 9 chance that one of the current entrants will win the drawing. Don't miss out on an opportunity to win a great book! Enter Here!

I will be offering a chance to win one of several items in a drawing starting May 1st while the current drawing is still going so stay tuned.

Once a month starting May 1st I will be posting a Idaho lost treasure story from the book, "A Guide To Treasure In Idaho" written by H. Glen Carson. I will offer this book in ebook form along with many others to choose from in upcoming drawings. I hope that readers will post comments on the stories and any information they have about the particular treasure, especially if they have first hand information that the treasure has been located. If anyone is interested in a particular lost treasure in Idaho please comment with information you have and I will see what I can find for you.