First, let me apologize for being behind on my posts. My daughter caught the flu that has been raging through the Boise area and so graciously gave it to my wife and me.

As those reading my blog already know, I started a Yahoo group called Idaho Treasure Hunters. I had full intention of uploading many files on several subjects to this group for access by all group members but have discovered the maximum amount of space available is 100 megabytes. I have the complete list of topo maps from Idaho which amounts to more than 3 gigabytes of hard drive space alone, and six times that amount from other states. This list grows by 50 to 100 or more topo maps per week. Therefore, it won’t be possible to list them all in the Yahoo group file folder. I will store as many of the most popular maps, though, as I can.

These topo maps are full size, 7.5 x 7.5 maps written in pdf format. You can print the area of the map that you want to use for your metal detecting and treasure hunting searches. With the free TerraGo Desktop formerly known as GEOpdf toolbar, you can actually get coordinates off these topo maps as well.

Anyone interested in a topo map from anywhere in the United States only needs to email me at with the map name they are looking for to receive it free. There is a limit, however, of one map per day per request. What would I like in return? Nothing more than a commitment from you to bookmark or add this blog to favorites and check it every day for content. Please ask your metal detecting and treasure hunting friends to visit as well.

I am currently working on a virtual treasure hunting idea involving one of my other websites, Sheilas Info Pages for prizes. More to come……..